From button based phones to hi-tech smartphones of the era, playing cricket games is very popular. But, the current time is of Fantasy cricket. A platform where not one can enjoy the flavours of game rather they can earn too. Time is precious for sure and one have to decide when and where to spend. So have a look over the contrasting features of two same looking but totally different platforms.

Involve in the game never like before

The most important difference between a online cricket game and fantasy cricket is how one gets involve in the game. In fantasy cricket, players get attached to every single moment of the game.

Play with Real time Players

Fantasy cricket gives you everything real and live. You and your winnings will indirectly depend upon the ongoing live match. Every single ball and shot will determine your performance.

No Lags, no interruptions

Unlike online cricket games, fantasy cricket isn’t a subject to lagging and real time interruptions.

Earn Real Money

The most important and major difference is the prize one gets for winning. You will be subject to winning real money and that in lakhs sometimes if you win fantasy cricket.