7 Tips to Play IPL in a Fantasy League App and Win
7 Tips to Play IPL in a Fantasy League App and Win

IPL (Indian Premier League) fans can now add more thrill and excitement to the 14th  edition of the tournament by participating in the IPL Fantasy Game online. With only a little time left for IPL, cricket fans all around the world have started to get excited for what is perhaps the biggest annual cricketing festival. But as fantasy cricket has started to provide fans with intimate participation in the games in recent years, a huge portion of the ongoing excitement can be attributed to the IPL fantasy league 2021

Fantasy cricket has seen a massive rise in India and it comes as a no surprise, as the game of cricket is almost a religion in this country. 

Here are seven tips to play in a IPL Fantasy League App and win:

  1. Build a strong core team:

    As the number of changes available are limited, you might want to have a strong core team. To build one you have to look at the current ongoing form of players and also the probability of them featuring in every game. For example, the captains and vice-captains of all the teams are most likely to feature in each of their team’s games.
  1. Focus on the Indian contingent:

    Although overseas players play an important role, there is a limited number of them featuring in a match. This reduces the odds in their favor of performing well in the IPL App as well. But it’s seen that the team with a better Indian contingent has better chances. And, so you must try and build a very strong Indian contingent for your team.
  1. Choose your overseas players wisely:

    You can only select four overseas players to feature in your fantasy team. And hence, you must choose them wisely. The overseas players you select must be in the top form and must have performed in their recent games. This is because if they are unable to perform, it is most likely they will be dropped in the next match and cost you a valuable change.
  1. All-Rounders:

    Look at it from the perspective of earning points. An all-rounder is most likely to both bat and bowl. Thus he can actually earn you more points. Thus you must utilize them and add all three allowed all-rounders to solidify your team.
  1. Analyzing the weather report and pitch:

    This analysis is something that most participants ignore. The pitch and the weather have an impact on the day’s match. If the pitch is dry and the match is held in the afternoon, then it is always better to pick spinners. In the case of a humid climate, picking swing bowlers over spinners will always work in your favor. Even though this is not something that participants pay attention to, taking into consideration these minute details is one of the things that increases your chances of winning.
  1. Choosing Captain and Vice-captain:

    In IPL Fantasy League, captains can win you 2x points while vice-captains can receive 1.5x points. Therefore, choosing the best players for captains and vice-captains can add many points to your total point tally and contribute immensely to your victory.

  2. Toss and last-minute changes:

This time is very crucial for the team because as the toss result is announced, participants can make the last few changes in their team of 11 players. They can select or deselect players based on changing requirements.

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