Whether it is a real game or virtual, the leader should possess some most important traits to be successful. A captain should be calm, composed and aggressive in his decisions like Virat Kohli. In this segment, we will talk about the most important traits a leader should have for the best outcomes.

Be calm and composed

A leader should be always focused on the tasks he is doing. While decision making, it is very important to keep yourself calm. Even a single distraction can decrease your probabilities of winning.

Keep aside the emotions

Your decisions should not be influenced by your emotions. Keeping aside emotions is the most difficult work one has to do while decision making. One should try to be logical rather than emotional.

Keep the Back-up Plan ready

One should be ready with back-up plans. Your plans should be flexible as things can change at last moments. One should be ready with at least two back-up scripts.

Follow your Own Trend

One should follow his or her own way of dealing with things. You can learn from others but never try to copy others.

Deal with Confidence

One should be confident in his decision-making and should learn to stick to his or her plan. Confidence is the key to preciseness. But be away from over-confidence.